‘Bluebell Foxtrot’ 12″x19″ pastel on velour

Here is a step by step view of my painting ‘Bluebell Foxtrot’.  I’ve used some reference pictures of foxes for this guy and created the imaginary field of bluebells around him by looking at some pictures of bluebell fields.  I like to take existing photos and use them very loosely to create a painting of my own imagination.

My rough line drawing of the fox, but not really bothering to
draw any of the surroundings.  Will try and piece that together
as I go.


Here I’ve blocked in the colours of the trees in the background.
See my nice Ikea desk?? Perfect for pastelling!


That area at the back is brought to life very simply by adding
the circular light colours.  This gives an out of focus bokeh
background as it’s known in photography.  I’ve also continued
the blurry effect down through the bluebell field and it will
be only the foreground that’s in focus.  This is lots of blending!


I start from the top of the fox and work my way both forward and
down.  I’ll be using lots of blues in his bib at the front as the bluebells
would reflect in the white part of his coat.  This is how I tie the image
together and the fox must look like he’s in the same light as
his surroundings.
With the fox in the foreground gets worked from left to right
bringing the flowers and stems up in front of the fox to really
make it seem like he’s  wading through the flowers.  This
is the slow part…lots of detail in tiny flowers!
But as always…worth the effort!