I’ve just finished a painting which is a little unusual so thought I’d share my process with you.
I often use photos as a way to collage together an idea which I can then paint to appear seamless.  I like using different photo reference and sometimes use Photoshop to edit together and play with a composition before painting it.  I suppose it’s like a preparatory sketch only I can move things around on the screen until I’m happy.
I did a smaller version of a similar painting as an illustration for a poem a couple of years ago and always liked this idea and intended to do a bigger version.  So here it is…


No title for this yet but it’s 27″ x 15″ pastel on velour.
This is the photo I based the painting on.  Carn wind farm can be seen in
the distance from my window but it’s a much different perspective being
right up close to them.


I really liked the idea of using pinwheels instead
of the turbine propellors just as a way of injecting
a bit of fun and colour to the composition.
Once I decided on my overall layout I photographed
my homemade pinwheel from all the angles I’d need
with a lamp creating the direction of the sunlight
just so my shadows in the painting would be accurate.
My drawing on the velour I start to block in the sky and build
up the gradient from dark down to light at the horizon.


Once I’m happy with the smoothness of the blue I can begin
the clouds using warm peachy tones.


As always working down and from the background to foreground
so I can get the edges nice and clean.  Here I’m layering in the
shadow tones first and filling in the yellow.
I’ve then added the highlights to the pinwheel which gives it
the feeling of light hitting it.


All pinwheels done, onto the landscape which I want to keep
loose and vibrant.


Working my way to the foreground I’m using very few colours
in this landscape and trying to leave it loose.