Portfolio – Wildlife

I love painting all animals and spends much of my spare time in nature gathering photo reference for paintings.  My series of Irish wildlife has been inspired by the many beautiful forest parks and coastlines of Ireland.  One of my favourite mammals is the red deer and I have painted many stags as part of a long running series.
I exhibit wildlife paintings in many galleries in the North of Ireland.  If there is a piece you would like to enquire about or commission a painting of your own, please get in touch.  Many of the originals shown here are no longer available but I also produce limited edition prints and these are available in the online shop.

Dachshund Series
Other Animals
Ferric Fox
Aloof on the Roof
Hart of the Forest
In Motion
Be Still my Hart
Brave Hart
Hart of Gold
The Hart of Winter
Love Hart
Howlin’ Wolf
Boxing in Dandelions
Sett in Scarlet
Bluebell Foxtrot
Blooming Buttercups
Bathing in Buttercups
The Wily Fox
Water’s Edge
Street Spirits
Pond Pause