Black and White Cat

Finished Painting

Finished painting on brown Pastelmat 7" x 7"

This smaller project is the perfect piece to work along with if you want to improve your cat portraits. In this piece I show how to work from photo reference that is less than perfect. We deal with creating the contrast between the light and dark areas and I show how I adjust the eyes to capture the likeness.
It's a piece I made mistakes on, taking many attempts to get the whiskers just right. So I hope you can learn from my process and see how to make important corrections in soft pastel.
Totalling just 4 hours the first part shows you the footage of the background being created. Then there are over 2.5 detailed hours working on the cat with narration and colour codes.
You'll find the reference image for this one by clicking the button below. You can also access a full pack of extra photos to work on a similar cat by clicking HERE

Black and White Cat Tutorial - Part 1
Footage Only of Background

Black and White Cat Tutorial - Part 2
The Cat

Black and White Cat Tutorial - Part 3
The Cat

Timelapse Video

Collie on Tiles

Finished Painting

The finished piece on Pastelmat 18" x 13"

This project takes you from the beginning creating the tiled background effect. I talk lots about the perspective and how to make that effect hold together the whole composition in what could easily look like an awkward pose.
This is a great series to work along with even if you're just starting out. The fur is not too challenging and it's the perfect piece to try if you want to work on your mark making using mostly the pastel sticks.
A great all round project covering perspective, colour choices, colour harmony, fur textures and more!

Collie on Tiles - Part 1
The Tiles

Collie on Tiles - Part 2
The Face

Collie on Tiles - Part 3
The Face

Collie on Tiles - Part 4
The Body (Footage Only)

Timelapse Video

Fennec Fox Paint Along Demo

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Fisher 400 9" x 9"

I photographed some fennec foxes recently and have been wanting a good excuse to paint this one. I plan to paint a larger piece with two of them but this was a good opportunity to do a smaller study. Perfect for making into one of my paint along demos!
As always with these ones I chat while I paint and this totals between 6 and 7 hours of real time paint along footage.
I limited myself to only the Unison Animal set so it should be possible for many of you to work along with the same colours.

This is a furry challenge! The cracks and ridges in the fur proved tricky, and I used a different paper that I don't normally use for fur. Because of that in this tutorial you see me have to make corrections and go in other directions. I hope it's helpful to see how I managed to mix and make do with less colours.

The photo reference for this demo is at the link below. Or you can choose a different fennec fox image at the following link - EXTRA FOX IMAGES

Fennec Fox Tutorial - Part 1

Fennec Fox Tutorial - Part 2

Fennec Fox Tutorial - Part 3



Finished Painting

Finished painting on Pastelmat (Anthracite colour) 24" x 18"

This piece was always going to be a challenge. Any fur with a complex pattern is going to take a bit longer than normal.
I created this series keeping in mind what you might be most interested in. The two colour coded and narrated parts show you the entire face and most of the body so you get in depth guidance on creating this type of pattern.

The most important aspect to this piece was to create the dramatic lighting. The dark jungle atmosphere, and the striking patches of sunlight on the animal. It's a great piece to learn from, packed full of information!

You could watch along or paint the whole thing. There is also a nice option to do a smaller crop from just the cheetah. I've included all photo reference to help you at the link below.

Cheetah Tutorial - Part 1
Footage Only

Cheetah Tutorial - Part 2
The Face

Cheetah Tutorial - Part 3
The Body

Cheetah Tutorial - Part 4
Footage Only

Cheetah Tutorial - Part 5
Footage Only

Timelapse Video

Tiger Paint Along

Finished Painting

Finished painting on brown Pastelmat 16" x 14"

The Paint Along series is slightly different from most of my tutorials. I chat while I work, they are usually shorter projects perfect to paint along with. But in this case I got a bit carried away and made a giant paint along demo using this fantastic tiger.
I really took my time on this piece trying to do justice to a beautiful animal and explaining each step of the way about my colour choices and the type of marks I'm making. Everything is laid out for you to follow at your own pace.
There are no colour codes in this series as it makes it quicker for me to edit and produce more of these videos, but I do try to name the colours a lot as I go. All information and materials is at the start of part 1.
The tutorial totals just over 12 hours so this is a mammoth project. Prepare for a long journey but know that you will emerge with so much more technical ability and knowledge. And hopefully enjoy the process too!
And don't forget to download your tiger photo pack at the link below. I've provided you with a few different shots of the same tiger so you can choose another if you like.

Tiger Tutorial - Part 1

Tiger Tutorial - Part 2

Tiger Tutorial - Part 3

Tiger Tutorial - Part 4

Tiger Tutorial - Part 5

Tiger Tutorial - Part 6

Timelapse Video

Ethiopian wolf

Finished Painting

The finished piece on Pastelmat 24" x 18"

I enjoyed painting this stunning Ethiopian wolf so much and hope that this series will teach you a lot about creating a sense of depth in your work. You can watch the entire painting in real time but there are certain parts that have both narration and colour codes giving you extra guidance on the techniques used.
My Patrons voted to see the face of the wolf and also how I created the foreground area so these are the parts I focused on with my narration. You could simply watch this one or even work along with me on a smaller cropped version of the head. You don't always have to paint the whole painting to learn from it. But this is certainly a painting through which you can pick up some valuable tips regarding creating realism through the depth of field.

Ethiopian wolf Tutorial - Part 1 Footage Only

Ethiopian wolf Tutorial - Part 2 The Face

Ethiopian wolf Tutorial - Part 3 The Face

Ethiopian wolf Tutorial - Part 4 Footage Only

Ethiopian wolf Tutorial - Part 5
The Foreground

Ethiopian wolf Tutorial - Part 6
Footage Only

Timelapse Video

Baby Boy

Finished Painting

13" x 10" on Pastelmat paper

This may be my most in depth human tutorial yet! All five parts are fully narrated and colour coded talking you through every minute of creating this sweet baby boy.
My aim with this tutorial is to give you the confidence to use more colour in your skin tones. I hope that after this tutorial you will have more ideas on how you can bring depth and richness to your portraits.

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 1

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 2

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 3

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 4

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 5

Timelapse Video

Spaniel on Long Grass

Finished Painting

16" x 12" on Pastelmat Paper

A wet dog with curly ears and long wet tangled grass. There are few things trickier to paint!
In this series I share all of my footage so you can watch from beginning to end. I decided to create in depth tutorial parts on the body of the dog and the long foreground grass. I already have some detailed tutorials on Spaniel faces so I decided to give you more guidance on creating the body and in this case, wet muddy fur.
And I can never make enough videos about painting grass. There are just so many different types of grass and techniques to paint it.
In the parts below you'll find some are footage only but there are also many hours that include colour codes and my narration to give you greater insight to my colour choices and techniques.

Background Grass Tutorial - Part 1
Footage Only

Spaniel Head Tutorial - Part 2
Footage Only

Spaniel Body Tutorial - Part 3

Spaniel Body Tutorial - Part 4

Foreground Grass Tutorial - Part 5

Grass and Legs Tutorial - Part 6
Footage Only

Timelapse Video


Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat 16" x 16"

Welcome to another Paint Along style demo where I always try to keep my palette smaller and cover a wide range of subject matters.
This time it's a piece I've been wanting to paint for ages. The 4 parts below give you over 8 hours of guidance from the first marks to the very last. I chat while I work talking about all my techniques and colour choices.
While this is not an easy project, all the Paint Along demos are suitable for beginners as you have my guidance every step of the way. And if you have my Unison Animal set you will find you have all the colours except a few greens for the background.
To push you even further I've provided a full photo pack of different cow references. You can either work on this one by clicking the reference image button below. Or click HERE to see the alternative royalty free images you are welcome to use.
The main focus of this tutorial is dealing with light and shade in a high contrast photo. I hope you enjoy it!

Cow Tutorial - Part 1

Cow Tutorial - Part 2

Cow Tutorial - Part 3

Cow Tutorial - Part 4

Timelapse Video

Golden Retrievers in the Garden

Finished Painting

Finished painting on Pastelmat 27" x 30"

This giant painting took me most of a month on and off. While I couldn't colour code and narrate the full thing for this series, I did try to release as much as possible in real time footage. The first 3 parts show you a section of the flowery background, and the first Golden Retriever with full colour codes and narration.
Then there are another 7 parts letting you watch me create most of the painting.
This piece focuses on sunlight and using vibrant colour to capture light and shade. My aim was to make it glow using the rich pastel pigment and I hope I can share all of my tips for painting sunlight in this series. Not to mention the complicated background! If you ever need guidance with battling through a background, this is the series for you.

Background Tutorial - Part 1

Retriever Face Tutorial - Part 2

Retriever Face Tutorial - Part 3

The Body Tutorial - Part 4
(Footage Only)

The Body Tutorial - Part 5
(Footage Only)

The Pig Tutorial - Part 6
(Footage Only)

Background Tutorial - Part 7
(Footage Only)

Background Tutorial - Part 8
(Footage Only)

Retriever Head - Part 9

Retriever Body - Part 10
(Footage Only)

Bonus Grass Tutorial

Bonus video showing the grass from this painting as well as several other paintings.

Timelapse Video