Lola in Tiny Landscape Paint Along

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Velour (sand colour) 8" x 8"

In this demo I am experimenting with working small. Just how small can you go in soft pastel and still capture a likeness on a dog? This piece is just 8" square and provides a simple landscape background.
By working smaller you force yourself to focus on the most important elements and not get carried away with details. Strangely I always find that working like this loosens my style.
This short demo takes you right from the drawing stages showing how I sketched this freehand. I have also provided you with my sketch and the photo reference at the link below.

At just over 2 hours long it's the perfect project that can be finished in one or two sittings.

Other Animals Tutorial - Part 1

Other Animals Tutorial - Part 2

Timelapse Video

Black Leopard in Jungle

Finished Painting

Finished Painting 20" x 16" on UART 800 paper

Prepare to learn how to deal with dark values in this dramatic painting! I used black UART 800 paper which did not impress me, but I would recommend that you use a mid to dark toned paper.
You'll find all parts colour coded and narrated until the final part where I'm finishing off the body. Learn how to create jungle leaves right through to introducing more colour in the fur.
This piece is all about the drama! I would also recommend trying a smaller crop from the photo reference. There is a pleasing head crop within the photo which would make a great study.
If it's your first time using a dark paper, this is the perfect piece to learn on!

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 1
The Background

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 2
The Face

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 3
The Face

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 4
The Face

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 5
The Body - Footage Only

Timelapse Video

Bumblebee Paint Along

Finished Painting

Finished Painting 10" x 11" on Fisher 400 paper

This demo as seen in 'The Artist' magazine April 2023 edition will take you step by step through creating a truly vibrant pastel. The aim here is to get you thinking about how light and shade affects any colour. In this case you will learn how to work with pinks and purples in particular to create convincing shadows.
And of course the bumblebee is a delight with the complementary yellow stripes and those shimmering wings.
As always with my Paint Along series, you'll have my narration from start to finish giving you full guidance all the way.
Don't worry if you don't have exactly the same colours as me, try to substitute for something close. And the same goes for the paper. Feel free to use something other than Fisher 400.
I hope you enjoy this demo as much as I enjoyed painting it!

Bumblebee Tutorial - Part 1

Bumblebee Tutorial - Part 2

Bumblebee Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video

Beach Dunes Paint Along Demo

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Sennellier Pastel card 12" x 8"

A small landscape experiment on Sennellier Pastel card. Continuing my own exploration of landscapes and sharing the process with you. The demo is only two hours long so perfect for a bolder approach and a 'nothing to lose' attitude.
I'm hoping I can add more small studies with less detail over the coming months as I explore different pastel surfaces and methods of capturing scenes in a vibrant and lively way.
In this demo I talk about the difficulties I'm finding working in this way and point out some of the places I want to improve. I hope we can learn together in this and my future landscapes!

Beach Dunes Tutorial - Part 1

Beach Dunes Tutorial - Part 2

Timelapse Video

Nova 'Paint Along' Demo

Finished Painting

The Finished Painting on Sienna colour Pastelmat 13" x 11"

In this demo I take you right from the start of this beautifully sunlit portrait of my friend's dog Nova. This piece is seen in 'The Artist' magazine and in my article there, I take you through the progress. Magazine release to be announced...
But in my video series I'll show you every mark and talk you through the entire process so you can paint along with me.
My focus in this piece was to create that intense lighting and make use of complimentary colours. In this tutorial you can expect to learn how to create a very simple beach backdrop and the many different textures on Nova the dog.
The main photo reference is at the link below. But you can also access a photo pack of alternative shots that could be painted using the tutorial. Bonus photos download HERE

Nova Tutorial - Part 1

Nova Tutorial - Part 2

Nova Tutorial - Part 3

Nova Tutorial - Part 4

Timelapse Video

Morag 'Paint Along'

Finished Painting

The finished painting 9" x 9" on Velour paper

I'm delighted to bring you this tutorial as seen in 'The Artist' magazine Feb 2023 edition. I decided to create the video tutorial series to accompany the article and it was my first opportunity to paint my own beautiful girl Morag.
In this series I show you the best tricks on Velour paper. The main focus is on creating the lighting but this piece is a great opportunity to learn about complementary backgrounds, creating thick convincing fur, and a range of other things that I will cover during more than 4 hours of real time tutorial.
If you'd like to purchase the magazine you can at the following link

Morag Tutorial - Part 1

Morag Tutorial - Part 2

Morag Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video

Triple Spaniel Portrait

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat 18" x 13"

This complex triple portrait was a great excuse to show you some of my techniques when it comes to composition. In this longer series I take you right from the beginning planning the composition and then through the painting stages of each dog.
The first dog is colour coded and narrated showing you from start to finish including how I made adjustments to his eyes from different photo reference. This dog is perfect if you want to work along with me.
After that I've given you the rest of the painting in real time footage. It's the same colours and techniques on all three dogs so you'll be able to follow along if you fancy taking on the bigger project.

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 1
First dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 2
First dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 3
First dog to finish and second dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 4
Second dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 5
Second dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 6
Third dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 7
Third dog

Spaniels Tutorial - Part 8
Third dog

Bonus Composition Video

Woodland Sorrel Paint Along Demo

Finished Painting

The Finished Painting 'Woodland Sorrel' 15" x 14" on Pastelmat

This tutorial marks the beginning of landscape experiments for me. I want to broaden my use of pastel and hone my own skills for different styles of mark making. I'd like to share this process with you. I'll experiment on different papers and try to break old habits to unlock some new techniques.

I took this photo reference in Gosford Park Northern Ireland and I've been meaning to paint it for ages. My approach in this painting was different to how I normally work and I tried to blend less and keep my marks quite loose.

This is a good tutorial if you're looking to explore your pastel sticks further and use less detail to capture something that looks complex.

All three parts are colour coded and I chatted the whole way through so you have my guidance from beginning to end.

Woodland Sorrel Tutorial - Part 1

Woodland Sorrel Tutorial - Part 2

Woodland Sorrel Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video

Spaniel in Soft Focus

Finished Painting

Finished painting on Pastelmat 12" x 10"

In this piece I want to show you different ways to create depth in a painting. I'll show you how to blur areas to appear out of focus drawing our eye to where the detail is. Curls are always a challenge but with this method you'll see how I work all the areas to different levels of detail.
The first part is footage only taking you part of the way into the dog's face. Then there are over four hours of narrated and colour coded videos to take you through the main focus of this tutorial.

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 1
Footage Only

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 2
The Face and Ears

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 3
The Face and Ears

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 4
Body and Bed

Timelapse Video

Grey Tabby Cat

Finished Painting

Finished painting on Pastelmat 7" x 7"

This is the second of two small cat portraits done as a pair. At only 7" square it's the perfect small project to work along with and work on your feline painting techniques.
Below you will find all 3 parts totalling just under 4 hours. Each part is colour coded and narrated giving you guidance from beginning to end.

Grey Tabby Tutorial - Part 1

Grey Tabby Tutorial - Part 2

Grey Tabby Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video