Duncan the Puppy

Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 14" x 11"

It's not often I get to create a puppy portrait and I thought we would all enjoy creating this one. Little Duncan is a Yorkshire Terrier mixed with a Dachshund so a peppy little pup!
The first part shows you some tricks to create a subtle but effective background. Then the rest of this tutorial is littered with satisfying little parts of Duncan to work on.
It's a shorter series with a simple background to get you going. Perfect for beginners!

Duncan Tutorial - Part 1

Duncan Tutorial - Part 2

Duncan Tutorial - Part 3
Muzzle and Collar

Duncan Tutorial - Part 4
Body and Paws

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Blue Roan Spaniel

Finished Painting

Finished Painting Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 16" x 12"

This tutorial explores using the soft pastel sticks to create more of the detail. I share the full painting with you including colour codes and narration all the way through making it the perfect portrait to work along with.
At just around six hours long this tutorial shows you how to create the illusion of detail but create quite a large head portrait in a shorter amount of time.
The blur roan pattern of fur is always tricky to create and there are lots of tips included for curly or wavy fur.

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 1

SpanielTutorial - Part 2

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 3

Spaniel Tutorial - Part 4
Ears and Collar

Spaniel Tutorials - Part 5
Body and Ears

Timelapse Video



Finished Painting

The finished painting 16" x 14" on Sienna Pastelmat

This series takes you through the entire macaque project. You are welcome to work along with me or use the photo reference I have provided and come up with your own composition.
As well as extra photos of macaques I also put together a bokeh reference pack so you can mix and match the photos.
Part 2 of this series was a live stream with my Patrons but you can watch it now and read all of their questions and hear my answers.
You'll find the background reference images HERE
Macaque reference images at the link below.

Macaque Tutorial - Part 1

Macaque Tutorial - Part 2
The Face Livestream

MacaqueTutorials - Part 3

Macaque Tutorial - Part 4

Macaque Tutorials - Part 5
Body, Feet and Tail

Timelapse Video


Coffee Pot Still Life

Finished Painting

Finished Painting on brown Pastelmat 12" x 12"

In this still life project I take you right from setting up the objects, lighting it, sketching from life, through to the actual colour work.

My still life paintings are a step out of my own comfort zone by working from life, and I hope I can share my entire process with you here and inspire you to have a go. 

If you'd like to work along with me you'll find the reference image to download below. I included a few alternative shots including one with the objects on a more plain fabric.

But I also encourage you to have some fun setting up your own composition!

Still Life Tutorial - Part 1
Set up and Sketch

Still Life Tutorial - Part 2

Still Life Tutorial - Part 3

Still Life Tutorial - Part 4

Still Life Tutorial - Part 5
Coffee Pot

Still Life Tutorial - Part 6
Coffee Pot

Still Life Tutorial - Part 7

Still Life Tutorial - Part 8
Sugar Cubes

Timelapse Video


Bassett Hound on Sofa

Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 16" x 11"

In this tutorial series I take you right from the start to the finish with colour codes and narration. This was such a fun portrait to work on, I thought you might enjoy creating it with me.
I had to work from different photographs for the background so in the first part I discuss how I manage to keep it looking realistic. Then I take you each step of the way through creating the textures and colours on the dog.
As always, colour plays a huge part in the overall effect and I hope that this series will really open your eyes to how colour can be used subtly.

Bassett Hound - Part 1
The Sofa

Bassett Hound - Part 2
The Head

Bassett Hound - Part 3
Eye and Nose

Bassett Hound - Part 4
Ears and Body

Bassett Hound - Part 5
Body and Paws

Timelapse Video


Black Labradors - Painting Small

Finished Painting

The finished painting 24" x 18" on Pastelmat (purple colour)

In this series I focus on the challenge of painting tiny details and trying to capture a likeness on a small scale. Despite the overall size of this painting, each Labrador was quite small within the composition. You'll often find that when painting large dogs in a full body pose, the face might be small to work on.
I have included a part for each dog as they were all slightly different in scale. You could choose one dog to work along with rather than painting the whole composition. The idea of this series is to help you simplify what you see and capture the most important elements.
In the photo pack at the link below, I have included each individual dog so you can choose one of them to practise with.

Black Labrador Tutorial - Part 1
Head 1

Black Labrador Tutorial - Part 2
Head and Body 2

Other Animals Tutorials - Part 3
Head 3

Black Labrador Tutorial - Part 4
Body 3

Black Labrador - Part 5
Head 4

Timelapse Video


Tiny Forest Demo - Lola 2

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 10" x 8"

Continuing on my theme of painting tiny things I thought I would share this small landscape study with you. I was aiming to find out just how small I could go in soft pastel, in particular on the dog. But this was also a great opportunity to practise some more landscape painting. And those dreaded trees!
I found this difficult and had to work through issues in my background. In this demo I share that entire experience and with the photo reference provided I invite you to work along with me. Let's learn together!
Below you'll find the photo reference for this demo. But you'll also find a photo pack of similar images for you to work from HERE

Lola 2 Tutorial - Part 1

Lola 2 Tutorial - Part 2

Lola 2 Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video


Lola in Tiny Landscape Paint Along

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Velour (sand colour) 8" x 8"

In this demo I am experimenting with working small. Just how small can you go in soft pastel and still capture a likeness on a dog? This piece is just 8" square and provides a simple landscape background.
By working smaller you force yourself to focus on the most important elements and not get carried away with details. Strangely I always find that working like this loosens my style.
This short demo takes you right from the drawing stages showing how I sketched this freehand. I have also provided you with my sketch and the photo reference at the link below.

At just over 2 hours long it's the perfect project that can be finished in one or two sittings.

Other Animals Tutorial - Part 1

Other Animals Tutorial - Part 2

Timelapse Video


Black Leopard in Jungle

Finished Painting

Finished Painting on UART 800 (Dark Grey Colour) 20" x 16"

Prepare to learn how to deal with dark values in this dramatic painting! I used black UART 800 paper which did not impress me, but I would recommend that you use a mid to dark toned paper.
You'll find all parts colour coded and narrated until the final part where I'm finishing off the body. Learn how to create jungle leaves right through to introducing more colour in the fur.
This piece is all about the drama! I would also recommend trying a smaller crop from the photo reference. There is a pleasing head crop within the photo which would make a great study.
If it's your first time using a dark paper, this is the perfect piece to learn on!

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 1
The Background

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 2
The Face

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 3
The Face

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 4
The Face

Black Leopard Tutorial - Part 5
The Body - Footage Only

Timelapse Video


Bumblebee Paint Along

Finished Painting

Finished Painting 10" x 11" on Fisher 400 paper

This demo as seen in 'The Artist' magazine April 2023 edition will take you step by step through creating a truly vibrant pastel. The aim here is to get you thinking about how light and shade affects any colour. In this case you will learn how to work with pinks and purples in particular to create convincing shadows.
And of course the bumblebee is a delight with the complementary yellow stripes and those shimmering wings.
As always with my Paint Along series, you'll have my narration from start to finish giving you full guidance all the way.
Don't worry if you don't have exactly the same colours as me, try to substitute for something close. And the same goes for the paper. Feel free to use something other than Fisher 400.
I hope you enjoy this demo as much as I enjoyed painting it!

Bumblebee Tutorial - Part 1

Bumblebee Tutorial - Part 2

Bumblebee Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video