‘Summer Meadow’ 14″x18″ pastel on velour


With my hare drawn onto the velour I’ve blocked in the background
by adding large areas of darks and blending the lights on top.
The foreground I’ve added a rough under layer which will
shine through the lighter colours when I get that far.  I like to get
some darks really scrubbed into the paper and sprayed with hairspray
before adding more pastel to the paper.


I love the effect of the bokeh background
as it really makes the subject stand out.
I use a paper stump to drag small hairs
out over the background.


I’ll then start working my way down the body


This shows how I build the fur up from darkest to lightest
and by always following the grain of the fur and the direction
it flows it gives a real sense of the body shape underneath.
When the hare is done I’ll make sure some of the foreground
grass comes up in front of him so he looks like he’s stood
in the middle of it.