This is the finished painting.  12″x16″ pastel on velour.


This was one of the reference photos I worked from.  I had a selection
of others too just to get the colours of the coat in different light.


As I liked the composition of the photo I had very little to do
other than sketch directly from the photo.  This is my
line drawing transferred onto the light grey colour velour.


Working the background first as always I’ve tried to replicate
the out of focus look of the plants outside.  There’s also a
faint hint of Maud’s reflection.  Pastels are so great for this
type of effect as they blend so easily!


I’ve worked the top left and am moving across the dog.  For
animals of all sorts it about following the grain of their fur
as it gives a sense of the shape and form underneath.


This was Maud framed with a triple mount leaving some space
between in the painting and the first mount.