I was asked to paint Scooby as a memorial portrait of a much loved pet who has passed away.  These commissions are always ones I place great importance on as I’m often working from trickier photo reference than if I had been able to meet and photograph the dog myself.  But from the information I’m told about the subject and a selection of photos to work from, it’s often still possible to capture a bit of their personality in the portrait.
Hope you enjoy his progress…

The finished portrait 14″x13″ pastel on velour


 My line drawing transferred onto the yellow
velour and I’ve blocked in a very neutral background.
Because of Scooby’s dark colouring I’m keeping the
backdrop quite light and creating a slight
gradient from dark to light.
 Blocking in the darkest areas and starting
to create the flow of the fur.  With a black dog
I can do quite a lot at first with my black
Faber Castell stick which is a little harder.
Then I use the Unison softer pastels to start
bringing in the reflected colours and highlights.
 Using lovely purples and blues on the dark
parts of the coat which will really contrast
the lovely orangey browns on his muzzle and
his eyebrows.



Blocking in the rest of the body and then adding
texture and highlights to it.  I’m keeping the body
pretty out of focus so that our attention is drawn
to his face.
Hope you have enjoyed Scooby’s portrait, do call back for more work in progress!