Charlie was such a smiley dog when I met him for his photoshoot.  It took us ages to get just the right shot of him as he looked so serious in his first photos and it was clear this was not his personality.  Getting him to pose nice and still while looking happy at the same time proved more difficult than you would think!  But the final few shots gave us just what we were looking for.  Hope you enjoy his progress.

The finished portrait of Charlie 16″x12″ Pastel


 My line drawing on the velour and blocking
in the background.  I took some shots out in
the client’s garden and loved the warmth of the
garden shed in the background.  I thought it would
bring out the colour of his red collar and go nicely
against the green of the grass.
 Both light and dark coloured dogs are usually
best photographed outdoors.  Daylight can do
so much of the work for you in getting a true
sense of their colour in the photo.
 You might be surprised at how many colours
are in his coat and how many darker colours I
lay down first.  Working dark to light I think it’s a
common fear for artists to not go dark enough initially
leaving the final effect lacking in depth or contrast.
Providing you are using a paper that can hold many
layers of pastel you will be able to lighten and come up
in tone throughout the painting.  But those darker tones
must be there to shine through.



 Love the zing of his red collar amongst
the green grass.
Almost there now.  Marking in all the crazy
directional fur on his chest.
Thanks for visiting.  Sorry if this seemed quite a short blog!  I am trying to post up all my Christmas work while taking a few days off too!  Hope you find my progress pictures helpful.