I’ve been spending some time in Gosford forest park and gathering photo reference while watching rutting season in the deer park.
It was good timing that I was working on this piece.  Hope you like it.  I think there will be many more in this stag series as I have so many photos now!

The finished painting ‘The Hart of Winter’ 19″x19″ pastel


 In the sketching stage.  Just an outline that I can then transfer
onto the velour before starting to paint.
 Using the sandy colour velour I’ve got a rough outline
on there now.
Blocking in the background.  Using some of
the most vibrant shades of Unison pastel I have.
All my favourites in fact!
Trying to create all the colours in the deer from
the colours in the background so it’s actually quite
a limited palette.


Using the colours with a bit of force and rubbing
each mark into the paper with my finger.  Nothing gets left sitting
loose on the surface.
 At the deer park with Brocci.
 The main man from the painting making a lot of noise!
 Brocci reminding me that as much fun as it is
to stand and watch the deer I’d need to get back to
the easel.  I turned round and it was just sat there
staring at me.
 Filling in the coat with the darker dots and marks
first.  Keeping all the marks very definite but loose.
 Trying not to fuss the marks about for once.
Whatever way they go on is how they stay.
I used a bit of pastel pencil on the eye but
everywhere else I’m trying hard to not overwork.
 Bringing in the vibrant to light tones.
Finished close up of ‘The Hart of Winter’