The finished portrait of two lovely sisters.  I took the reference
photos of them on a beautiful sunny day.  I wanted the light
to cast interesting shadows but not have them squinting in the
sun so I faced them away.
This is my basic line drawing on the velour with the background
blocked in.  My line drawing serves as a basis from which I can
tweak small amounts and values as I go.  I find I mostly draw their
features as I build up the colours.


A lot of the face in shadow has cool tones as highlights.


The highlights on the back of the girls hair
and t-shirt will really add the light.


This is how I start skin.  I look for the darker values I want to shine
through the top layers.  The cool tones are laid down here.


After adding some lighter tones and blending it starts to take
more shape.  The light and shadows help create form.


The darker features will add definition.


Again the back lighting helps make sense of the colours used in
the skin tones.  I’m really trying to use light to make
compositions more challenging and interesting to paint.