Baby Boy

Finished Painting

13" x 10" on Pastelmat paper

This may be my most in depth human tutorial yet! All five parts are fully narrated and colour coded talking you through every minute of creating this sweet baby boy.
My aim with this tutorial is to give you the confidence to use more colour in your skin tones. I hope that after this tutorial you will have more ideas on how you can bring depth and richness to your portraits.

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 1

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 2

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 3

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 4

Baby Boy Tutorial - Part 5

Timelapse Video

Spaniel on Long Grass

Finished Painting

16" x 12" on Pastelmat Paper

A wet dog with curly ears and long wet tangled grass. There are few things trickier to paint!
In this series I share all of my footage so you can watch from beginning to end. I decided to create in depth tutorial parts on the body of the dog and the long foreground grass. I already have some detailed tutorials on Spaniel faces so I decided to give you more guidance on creating the body and in this case, wet muddy fur.
And I can never make enough videos about painting grass. There are just so many different types of grass and techniques to paint it.
In the parts below you'll find some are footage only but there are also many hours that include colour codes and my narration to give you greater insight to my colour choices and techniques.

Background Grass Tutorial - Part 1
Footage Only

Spaniel Head Tutorial - Part 2
Footage Only

Spaniel Body Tutorial - Part 3

Spaniel Body Tutorial - Part 4

Foreground Grass Tutorial - Part 5

Grass and Legs Tutorial - Part 6
Footage Only

Timelapse Video

Cow Paint Along Demo

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat 16" x 16"

Welcome to another Paint Along style demo where I always try to keep my palette smaller and cover a wide range of subject matters.
This time it's a piece I've been wanting to paint for ages. The 4 parts below give you over 8 hours of guidance from the first marks to the very last. I chat while I work talking about all my techniques and colour choices.
While this is not an easy project, all the Paint Along demos are suitable for beginners as you have my guidance every step of the way. And if you have my Unison Animal set you will find you have all the colours except a few greens for the background.
To push you even further I've provided a full photo pack of different cow references. You can either work on this one by clicking the reference image button below. Or click HERE to see the alternative royalty free images you are welcome to use.
The main focus of this tutorial is dealing with light and shade in a high contrast photo. I hope you enjoy it!

Cow Tutorial - Part 1

Cow Tutorial - Part 2

Cow Tutorial - Part 3

Cow Tutorial - Part 4

Timelapse Video

Golden Retrievers in the Garden

Finished Painting

Finished painting on Pastelmat 27" x 30"

This giant painting took me most of a month on and off. While I couldn't colour code and narrate the full thing for this series, I did try to release as much as possible in real time footage. The first 3 parts show you a section of the flowery background, and the first Golden Retriever with full colour codes and narration.
Then there are another 7 parts letting you watch me create most of the painting.
This piece focuses on sunlight and using vibrant colour to capture light and shade. My aim was to make it glow using the rich pastel pigment and I hope I can share all of my tips for painting sunlight in this series. Not to mention the complicated background! If you ever need guidance with battling through a background, this is the series for you.

Background Tutorial - Part 1

Retriever Face Tutorial - Part 2

Retriever Face Tutorial - Part 3

The Body Tutorial - Part 4
(Footage Only)

The Body Tutorial - Part 5
(Footage Only)

The Pig Tutorial - Part 6
(Footage Only)

Background Tutorial - Part 7
(Footage Only)

Background Tutorial - Part 8
(Footage Only)

Retriever Head - Part 9

Retriever Body - Part 10
(Footage Only)

Bonus Grass Tutorial

Bonus video showing the grass from this painting as well as several other paintings.

Timelapse Video

Cat and Kitten Paint Along

Finished Painting

12" x 10" on Velour Paper

In this tutorial I take you from the beginning showing you how I edit mediocre photo reference, right through to the final whiskers.
Like all the 'Paint Along' demos, I chat while I work sharing my experience and tips as I go.
This piece is limited to my Unison Animal 36 set so if you have this you will find it easy to work along. As always though, don't be afraid to tackle it with different colours and try to substitute for what you already have.
As well as being incredibly cute, this image is packed with useful techniques for you to practise and apply in your own work.

Cats Tutorial - Part 1

Cats Tutorial - Part 2

Cats Tutorial - Part 3

Timelapse Video

Golden Retriever

Finished Painting

Velour Pastel Paper 12" x 10"

This portrait was created from photo reference that was not super clear. It posed a few problems in trying to create more detail in areas that looked flat, and trying to remove the edge of a table in the foreground. These are the sort of problems you might face as a pet portrait artist.
This is a useful shorter tutorial showing you how I work with the photo to bring out colour and texture in the fur.
At around 3 hours long in total, both parts are fully colour coded and narrated.

Golden Retriever Tutorial - Part 1

Golden Retriever Tutorial - Part 2

Timelapse Video

Puma Cub Paint Along

Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat 12" x 10"

This series takes you from beginning to end on a striking Puma cub. I provide you with the high resolution photograph to work from for the Puma as well as a photo pack of backgrounds that you can use to make it your own. You can download these extra background photos by clicking HERE
The Puma reference can be found below with the tutorial links.

This series totals almost 8 hours and is fully narrated. I take you from the first marks right through to the final whiskers with lots of guidance along the way.
It's by no means easy, as in my opinion cats are hard to paint in any medium!
So let me take you step by step and make something difficult more attainable.

Puma Cub Tutorial - Part 1

Puma Cub Tutorial - Part 2

Puma Cub Tutorial - Part 3

Puma Cub Tutorial - Part 4

Puma Cub Tutorial - Part 5

Timelapse Video

Sunset Wedding

Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Velour paper 18" x 14"

There are few things more romantic than a sunset in a beautiful location. Combine that with a wedding day embrace and you've got a picture perfect moment! I often get to create wedding portraits, but this was one of my favourites.
Unfortunately my camera had other ideas when I worked on this and a lot of my footage got corrupted. But the parts I managed to salvage make a great tutorial on the sunset, and an informative tutorial on the white wedding dress.
The warmth of the lighting make this a great way to study how light affects your colour choices, and never more so than when painting something white.
While the sunset and distant hills show you techniques you could use in any landscape painting.

Sunset Tutorial - Part 1

Wedding Dress Tutorial - Part 2

Timelapse Video

Monkey on Black Background

Finished Painting

The two finished paintings 12" x 16"
Left on yellow Pastelmat. Right on black Sennelier Pastelcard

With this project I decided to use one of my wildlife shots to experiment with different papers. I knew I wanted to create a black background on this piece so it was the perfect opportunity to compare the difference between starting with a black paper, or using a lighter tone of paper.
You can see that both pieces turned out pretty similar, but there were definitely differences in the overall tone and the experience of painting them.
If you want to paint along with me you can choose which monkey you'd prefer to work along with. Both are fully narrated as I chat while I paint. It's up to you whether you use a dark or light toned paper.
Also check out my video at the bottom of the page discussing the differences between the papers.

You'll find the reference image for the monkey on the first part of each project along with the gridded version and line art. But in the link below you'll find a selection of photos of this monkey should you want to work on a different pose.

Monkey on Sennelier Tutorial -

Part 1

Monkey on Sennelier Tutorial -

Part 2

Monkey on Pastelmat Tutorial -

Part 3

Monkey on Pastelmat Tutorial -

Part 4

Bonus Paper Comparison Video

Spitz on Grass

Finished Painting

The Finished Painting 16" x 12"

In this piece I use the background to give you lots of ideas on creating both detailed foreground grass, as well as a more distant blurred look further away. Often I have to create garden surroundings in my portraits, and that's why many of my tutorials are more focused on the background elements. These were what I struggled with most in the beginning!
I have included the real time footage of the dog, but if you want a more in depth look at this breed I have another white Spitz in my library with colour codes and narration.
The first three parts are the most detailed here, focusing all my efforts on teaching you how to create painterly, believable backgrounds.

Background Grass Tutorial - Part 1

Background Grass Tutorial - Part 2

Background Grass Tutorial - Part 3

The Dog Tutorial - Part 4

The Dog Tutorial - Part 5

The Dog Tutorial - Part 6

Timelapse Video