Finished Painting

The finished painting 24″ x 18″ on Pastelmat (purple colour)

In this series I focus on the challenge of painting tiny details and trying to capture a likeness on a small scale. Despite the overall size of this painting, each Labrador was quite small within the composition. You’ll often find that when painting large dogs in a full body pose, the face might be small to work on.
I have included a part for each dog as they were all slightly different in scale. You could choose one dog to work along with rather than painting the whole composition. The idea of this series is to help you simplify what you see and capture the most important elements.
In the photo pack at the link below, I have included each individual dog so you can choose one of them to practise with.

Black Labrador Tutorial – Part 1
Head 1

Black Labrador Tutorial – Part 2
Head and Body 2

Other Animals Tutorials – Part 3
Head 3

Black Labrador Tutorial – Part 4
Body 3

Black Labrador – Part 5
Head 4

Timelapse Video