Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 16″ x 11″

In this tutorial series I take you right from the start to the finish with colour codes and narration. This was such a fun portrait to work on, I thought you might enjoy creating it with me.
I had to work from different photographs for the background so in the first part I discuss how I manage to keep it looking realistic. Then I take you each step of the way through creating the textures and colours on the dog.
As always, colour plays a huge part in the overall effect and I hope that this series will really open your eyes to how colour can be used subtly.

Bassett Hound – Part 1
The Sofa

Bassett Hound – Part 2
The Head

Bassett Hound – Part 3
Eye and Nose

Bassett Hound – Part 4
Ears and Body

Bassett Hound – Part 5
Body and Paws

Timelapse Video