Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 10″ x 8″

Continuing on my theme of painting tiny things I thought I would share this small landscape study with you. I was aiming to find out just how small I could go in soft pastel, in particular on the dog. But this was also a great opportunity to practise some more landscape painting. And those dreaded trees!
I found this difficult and had to work through issues in my background. In this demo I share that entire experience and with the photo reference provided I invite you to work along with me. Let’s learn together!
Below you’ll find the photo reference for this demo. But you’ll also find a photo pack of similar images for you to work from HERE

Lola 2 Tutorial – Part 1

Lola 2 Tutorial – Part 2

Lola 2 Tutorial – Part 3

Timelapse Video