I went to photograph another little dog called Fluffy but met Milly at the same house and we couldn’t resist photographing her for a portrait too.  I took many shots of her sitting on the front doorstep in the sunlight which really made her brindle coat shine, but later we decided to change the setting and have her on some grass.  I hope you enjoy her progress.

Milly Pastel PaintingThe finished pastel painting of Milly 12″ x 16″

MillyRefMy photo reference of Milly

Milly1I have my line drawing on the velour and I’m blocking in the background figuring out where the horizon line will be and adding in the dog’s shadow roughly.  I want the horizon line to be pretty misty and out of focus so that our attention is really drawn to Milly.

Milly2Starting from the top down and trying to figure out the colours to use to build up the brindle effect. There are so many colours in the sheen of her coat and such fine lines to make the brindle.  It takes me a long time to build up each area.

Milly3I always like to get the eyes done as it makes me feel like the piece is coming to life.

Pic1As we’ve been travelling around Italy we have come across some great sculptures.  I wanted to share this artist with you who had several pieces as public art in a park we walked through.  Their name was Rabarama and I loved all their work which was carved from stone.  This one really caught my eye!

Pic2We finally make it to the coast line this past week just South from Venice. This whole coast line is lovely to visit although it’s hard to beat the dramatic coastline of Ireland.  The weather however is amazing for September/October.

Pic3Brocci brings more gear to the beach than I do!  This is her set up for a few hours in the sea breeze.

Milly4Working on down her face and adding more detail to what I’ve done.

Milly5Milly6Quite happy with her face now although I will still come back again and again making the marks smaller and finer.  I start to work down her shoulders.  One side is in the shadow while the sunlit side will have lots of highlighting.

Milly7She has a lovely shadow under her face on her neck which is shown up by the top of her white chest.  I use many warm colours here and save the pure white for the sunlit part of her white chest.

Milly9Using many shades of brown and orange throughout her coat.

Pic4I love how many of the Italian beaches have these driftwood structures.  When people come to the beach for the day they make use of these by draping fabrics over them and setting up camp underneath for some shade.  They also make interesting structures to look at the rest of the time.

Pic5After all the calm warm weather we finally get a day that feels a bit like Portrush.  The wind picks up and the waves had some drama to them.  We are in Marina di Ravenna here and I had to laugh as they closed off the harbour promenade when the wind picked up a bit.  It made me think of the windy days at home where people are out on the Giant’s Causeway fighting the strong winds for a selfie.  How safety cautious they are here 🙂

Milly10My last day’s work on Milly and working on down her body.

Milly11The light and shadow effect starts to make sense and we can see the lovely warmth on her coat in the shadow parts.  The highlights on the sunlit side will hopefully show just how shiny and healthy her coat is.

Milly12Starting to work her paws and the grass up over them.  It will really ground her in the scene to have the grass over her paws.

Milly13Adding the final marks in her brindle coat.

Pic6A final sunset from the North East coastline of Italy.  We head inland soon towards Florence where there promises to be much art to see.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my progress on Milly and will call back to my blog for more arty travels!