Osca is my first whippet painting and I love whippets so have been waiting for a good opportunity to paint one.  They have the most gorgeous big eyes which of course is part of their characteristics as a gazehound like their bigger greyhound relatives.  Then there is that lovely brindle coat and the sensitive way they hold themselves.  I love them!  Hope you enjoy Osca’s progress.

Osca the WhippetThe finished portrait 16″x12″ soft pastel on velour.

20160414_131109My line drawing on the yellow velour I’m starting to block in some of the background.  Beside a window can make a great setting for a portrait as it creates good light and shadow.  Without some shadows a picture can look very flat so this image gives me great scope for making it appear 3D.

20160414_144422Working in the background but not going into much detail.  I like seeing the warmth of light coming in through the window hitting the sill.

20160414_154432I always tend to work on ears first, partly because they are at the top and partly because I like to get a little area done early to choose my colours and get a feel for the fur.  Just from doing the ears I have picked a lot of the shadow and highlight colours I will use throughout his face.  I’m using mostly my Unison half stick animal set for this.  It’s so handy as it has almost everything I need for a piece like this.  You can see this set which is available to purchase directly from Unison on their site HERE

20160414_170202I use Faber Castell pastel pencils for detail.  I like to outline an eye first before filling it in.  Osca’s eyes have really interesting reflections in them.  They remind me of Escher’s reflecting globe self portrait.  I love how the whole window appears in it’s warped perspective.

20160414_185145Using Unison BV 9 a lovely vibrant blue from the set which I use a lot in the shadow side or reflections on black animals. It works really well when you are painting a warm brown or orange dog as it compliments the orange really well.

20160415_19535520160415_200732I work from the dark parts to the light on an eye like everywhere else.  The last thing usually to go on is the highlight.  I then use the pastel pencil to re-strenthen those darkest places.

20160415_20270620160415_20574320160415_213022Building up the brindle on the dark side of his face.

20160416_170046Using a lot of Unison Grey 8 from the set and I tend to use this colour a lot!  It is probably my favourite Unison pastel and it makes the perfect shadow shade!

20160416_173030Working on the rest of Osca’s shoulders.  I always feel like when I get the facial features in I’m on the home stretch, even though there is still a lot of work building up this large area of brindle!

20160416_184739The final stage before the light highlights go on his shoulder and the final tweaks around his face.

OscaCloseHere is a little close up of Osca’s pretty eyes.  Hope you’ve enjoyed his progress.  If you would like to find out how to commission your own portrait have a read on my Pricing page here for more info or get in touch via the contact form.