I’ve been painting quite a few deer recently after several visits to Gosford, Parkanaur and Killarney National Park where deer can be found.  I’ve also been wanting to do some animal portraits with a lot of colour as I tend to feel like painting colourful things in the summer!  The idea for this piece came from how camouflaged the deer can be for such large animals.  Many times when photographing I would suddenly spot a lone stag amongst the trees just frozen still looking at me.  He obviously saw me long before I saw him.  For such a large mammal they can become invisible when they want to, whether it’s in the long grasses, amongst the trees or against a colourful treeline.
Really I’ve just picked all my favourite Unison pastel colours and put them in one painting! 🙂 Hope you enjoy his progress.


My finished painting 19″x19″
My initial line drawing on cartridge paper


The drawing transferred onto the yellow velour


I’ve chosen a vibrant palette for this piece.


Roughly laying in where the splashes of colour will be


Working in circles and hexagons of colour




I’m going to use the same palette for the deer






Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you like the finished piece.