This is the progress of Jake the very sweet Jack Russell who came round for a secret photoshoot.  I love meeting the wee characters I paint 🙂
The finished painting, pastel on velour 10″x14″
This is one of the photos I took of Jake.
A tip for photographing your dog for a head
portrait.  Put them up on a chair and use
natural light from one side.  This brings them
up to your eye level and also prevents them from
moving around quite so much.  A well timed
squeak can then sometimes get that wee face you
want for the portrait!


My line drawing transferred onto the velour
and tweaked further with pastel pencil.


The first layer on the background.


I’m creating a very simple gradient with nice
subtle blue shades.


Planning on bringing Jake to Kilmood Art club
to show my techniques to the members and demo
my lovely Unison animal set.


I got quite a bit done during the demo evening
and at this stage I’ve tweaked a bit further and am
adding smaller detail the next day.
Sorry for the lack of progress shots between
those stages…remembering to chat at the demo
while painting is enough let alone taking
progress pictures too 🙂
Blocking in the dark areas for the rest of the coat.
Using a Faber Castell pastel on it’s side.  The black is
a really rich dark black and not quite as soft as the Unison.


I also use a few pastel pencils to flick out the very
smallest hairs.


But the majority of detail is done with the bigger
sticks as they wear down into sharp edged shards.


The tiny crumbs are useful too!


Hope you enjoyed Jake’s progress.