What a handsome young dog Remus is.  He was a real joy to paint so I hope his painting was a great birthday surprise for his owner.

The finished painting 20″x16″ pastel on velour
Blocking in the background.  Because he is lit from
the front I’m just creating a gradient of colour
from top to bottom.


More layers added and blended.


I had a demo evening at Portadown Visual Arts Society and brought
him along to work a little.  I managed to get the groundwork for the top
half of his face pretty well done.


I’ve continued in the studio now and am going back
over my worked areas bringing the fur forward
another layer.  This tiny shard of Unison pastel is
most useful for making small marks.




Using lots of blue, deep navy and deep purple on
his face as well as black.  German shepherds tend
to have a lovely navy sheen off their dark bits.



Working my way down his chest area.



Close up of his face.


Remus framed and ready to hang.