A special surprise from wife to husband this Christmas, I hope this went down really well!  I hope the three in question like it too.  🙂
The finished painting 20″x16″ pastel on velour


Transferred my rougher sketch onto the velour and have neatened
this up using a black pastel pencil.  I have a lot of tweaks to do to
the features but that comes with the colour.


Sharing what I call the scary stage of my portraits!
Laying in the undertones which in this case need to be
in cool shadow.


Starting to pick out highlights and blend the skin tones.
Also adding in the dark hairline gives me another
value to go by.


Treating the furry body warmer like I would an animal.
I thought this added to the different textures going on.


Lovely rich purples and pinks in the centre of the
image.  I love the closeness of their pose.  It was worked
from a selection of snaps allowing us to choose the best
of everyone.



A very mischievous gaze for the centre piece of
the painting.  What great big peepers! 🙂



Have kept the detailing on the hands and fabric
very loose.  The main detail is in their faces so hopefully
all else that is going on will not distract too much.





Some stray hairs can be done with a soft pastel pencil.
Trying out the Carbothellos here.  They are good, but I
find it hard to beat Faber Castel Pitt pencils.


Beautiful framing by Art & Home Holywood.


Close up detail