A surprise Christmas commission of two lovely brothers and their beloved Doherty.  I went to photograph this lovely group together in their garden.  I’ve used a mixture of a couple of the photographs to get the best composition and personality of each individual.  The main thing I wanted to come across in the portrait was how comfortable they were together and how much they clearly loved Doherty (and how much Doherty loved them too!)  I thought that in this shot of Doherty he was like their Sentinel posted in between.
The finished painting 20″x16″ pastel on velour.
I blurred the background so that they would all stand out
crisply in the foreground.


The two photos used in the composition.


My sketch transferred onto the velour I’ve started to block
in the background.



Keeping the background loose


As the faces are mostly in shadow the highlights will be
kept to a minimum and the main highlight colours in shadow
will be cooler tones.


Pale lilacs make the cool side’s highlights while
Unison Grey 27 which is a yellowy light creates the
sunlit areas and highlights.



I love an excuse to use Unison BV 12 which is
such a vibrant blue.



Working dark to light for Doherty’s coat.


Highlight colours include Grey 27 as well as a red
and a range of blues






I like Faber Castel Pitt pastel pencils for very small





Showing the lower layer of cool tones.




After I had completed the portrait I noticed extra
tweaks on William’s face.  These I addressed later.
They included more work around his eyes and mouth
which altered his expression slightly.



All finished and in their frame.  Beautifully framed at Art & Home
Holywood with a double mount and spacers.


A close up of Ted