This is a little commission of a much loved and passed pet.  The photo reference available was quite limited so this is one of those jobs where I’ve tried to make the best of what they have.  Not all photo reference is suitable to work from but sometimes as long as the features are clear I can work on the colour.

The finished painting. A tiny 9″x9″ pastel on velour.


The only reference photo.  The client wanted me to incorporate
tulips into the image and this actually added some foreground
interest.  I also warmed up the tones of the picture as the lighting
in the photograph was quite dark.


I’ve sketched in the dog’s face and tulips and
start to block in the background.  I’m using
yellow velour.


Building up the grass around her.  The right side
of the painting is the shadow side so keeping it
quite dark.


The yellow tulips I’ve just worked in from some photo
reference I had from another project.  I’ve chosen the
tulips photographed from above at the right angles
to span around the front of the composition.  They were
also sunlit from the same side as the dog.



The face is the last part I work on.


Layering up from dark to light



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