Finished Painting

Finished Painting Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 16″ x 12″

This tutorial explores using the soft pastel sticks to create more of the detail. I share the full painting with you including colour codes and narration all the way through making it the perfect portrait to work along with.
At just around six hours long this tutorial shows you how to create the illusion of detail but create quite a large head portrait in a shorter amount of time.
The blur roan pattern of fur is always tricky to create and there are lots of tips included for curly or wavy fur.

Spaniel Tutorial – Part 1

SpanielTutorial – Part 2

Spaniel Tutorial – Part 3

Spaniel Tutorial – Part 4
Ears and Collar

Spaniel Tutorials – Part 5
Body and Ears

Timelapse Video