Finished Painting

The finished painting 16″ x 14″ on Sienna Pastelmat

This series takes you through the entire macaque project. You are welcome to work along with me or use the photo reference I have provided and come up with your own composition.
As well as extra photos of macaques I also put together a bokeh reference pack so you can mix and match the photos.
Part 2 of this series was a live stream with my Patrons but you can watch it now and read all of their questions and hear my answers.
You’ll find the background reference images HERE
Macaque reference images at the link below.

Macaque Tutorial – Part 1

Macaque Tutorial – Part 2
The Face Livestream

MacaqueTutorials – Part 3

Macaque Tutorial – Part 4

Macaque Tutorials – Part 5
Body, Feet and Tail

Timelapse Video