Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Purple Colour) 14″ x 10″

This ‘paint along’ style demo is around 5 hours long allowing you to work from beginning to end with me on a serene sunset.
In this piece I wanted to focus on creating interesting silhouettes. I talk a lot about the tonal values, but also how to add more life to your darkest areas. It’s easy for silhouettes to look a bit flat so I hope I can give you some useful tips throughout this piece and help you make the best of your sunset reference images.
You’re welcome to have a go at this one using my reference download below. But this tutorial is really aimed at giving you the tools and techniques for you to apply in your reference own images.

Sunset Harbour Tutorial – Part 1

Sunset Harbour Tutorial – Part 2

Sunset Harbour Tutorial – Part 3

Sunset Harbour Tutorial – Part 4

Timelapse Video