Finished Painting

Finished painting on brown Pastelmat 7″ x 7″

This smaller project is the perfect piece to work along with if you want to improve your cat portraits. In this piece I show how to work from photo reference that is less than perfect. We deal with creating the contrast between the light and dark areas and I show how I adjust the eyes to capture the likeness.
It’s a piece I made mistakes on, taking many attempts to get the whiskers just right. So I hope you can learn from my process and see how to make important corrections in soft pastel.
Totalling just 4 hours the first part shows you the footage of the background being created. Then there are over 2.5 detailed hours working on the cat with narration and colour codes.
You’ll find the reference image for this one by clicking the button below. You can also access a full pack of extra photos to work on a similar cat by clicking HERE

Black and White Cat Tutorial – Part 1
Footage Only of Background

Black and White Cat Tutorial – Part 2
The Cat

Black and White Cat Tutorial – Part 3
The Cat

Timelapse Video