Finished Painting

Finished painting on Pastelmat (Anthracite colour) 24″ x 18″

This piece was always going to be a challenge. Any fur with a complex pattern is going to take a bit longer than normal.
I created this series keeping in mind what you might be most interested in. The two colour coded and narrated parts show you the entire face and most of the body so you get in depth guidance on creating this type of pattern.

The most important aspect to this piece was to create the dramatic lighting. The dark jungle atmosphere, and the striking patches of sunlight on the animal. It’s a great piece to learn from, packed full of information!

You could watch along or paint the whole thing. There is also a nice option to do a smaller crop from just the cheetah. I’ve included all photo reference to help you at the link below.

Cheetah Tutorial – Part 1
Footage Only

Cheetah Tutorial – Part 2
The Face

Cheetah Tutorial – Part 3
The Body

Cheetah Tutorial – Part 4
Footage Only

Cheetah Tutorial – Part 5
Footage Only

Timelapse Video