Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Brown Colour) 16″ x 14″

The Paint Along series is slightly different from most of my tutorials. I chat while I work, they are usually shorter projects perfect to paint along with. But in this case I got a bit carried away and made a giant paint along demo using this fantastic tiger.
I really took my time on this piece trying to do justice to a beautiful animal and explaining each step of the way about my colour choices and the type of marks I’m making. Everything is laid out for you to follow at your own pace.
There are no colour codes in this series as it makes it quicker for me to edit and produce more of these videos, but I do try to name the colours a lot as I go. All information and materials is at the start of part 1.
The tutorial totals just over 12 hours so this is a mammoth project. Prepare for a long journey but know that you will emerge with so much more technical ability and knowledge. And hopefully enjoy the process too!
And don’t forget to download your tiger photo pack at the link below. I’ve provided you with a few different shots of the same tiger so you can choose another if you like.

Tiger Tutorial – Part 1

Tiger Tutorial – Part 2

Tiger Tutorial – Part 3

Tiger Tutorial – Part 4

Tiger Tutorial – Part 5

Tiger Tutorial – Part 6

Timelapse Video