Finished Painting

The finished painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 16″ x 16″

Welcome to another Paint Along style demo where I always try to keep my palette smaller and cover a wide range of subject matters.
This time it’s a piece I’ve been wanting to paint for ages. The 4 parts below give you over 8 hours of guidance from the first marks to the very last. I chat while I work talking about all my techniques and colour choices.
While this is not an easy project, all the Paint Along demos are suitable for beginners as you have my guidance every step of the way. And if you have my Unison Animal set you will find you have all the colours except a few greens for the background.
To push you even further I’ve provided a full photo pack of different cow references. You can either work on this one by clicking the reference image button below. Or click HERE to see the alternative royalty free images you are welcome to use.
The main focus of this tutorial is dealing with light and shade in a high contrast photo. I hope you enjoy it!

Cow Tutorial – Part 1

Cow Tutorial – Part 2

Cow Tutorial – Part 3

Cow Tutorial – Part 4

Timelapse Video