Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Sienna Colour) 27″ x 30″

This giant painting took me most of a month on and off. While I couldn’t colour code and narrate the full thing for this series, I did try to release as much as possible in real time footage. The first 3 parts show you a section of the flowery background, and the first Golden Retriever with full colour codes and narration.
Then there are another 7 parts letting you watch me create most of the painting.
This piece focuses on sunlight and using vibrant colour to capture light and shade. My aim was to make it glow using the rich pastel pigment and I hope I can share all of my tips for painting sunlight in this series. Not to mention the complicated background! If you ever need guidance with battling through a background, this is the series for you.

Background Tutorial – Part 1

Retriever Face Tutorial – Part 2

Retriever Face Tutorial – Part 3

The Body Tutorial – Part 4
(Footage Only)

The Body Tutorial – Part 5
(Footage Only)

The Pig Tutorial – Part 6
(Footage Only)

Background Tutorial – Part 7
(Footage Only)

Background Tutorial – Part 8
(Footage Only)

Retriever Head – Part 9

Retriever Body – Part 10
(Footage Only)

Bonus Grass Tutorial

Bonus video showing the grass from this painting as well as several other paintings.

Timelapse Video