Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Brown Colour) 19″ x 12″

This is my first still life painting. I enjoyed doing it so much I definitely plan to do more and create a series of these. The most interesting part was physically composing my painting with the objects and then sketching them from life. I thoroughly enjoyed this and felt that it pushed me outside my normal boundaries. Although I teach, I have much to learn!

With this series I wanted to give you the tools to push outside your own boundaries and think about sketching from life. I’ve taken you right from the beginning where I show how to compose a still life set up. From here I show you tips for sketching from life before a 3 part series where you can paint along with me.

While you can download photo reference of my set up at the link below and work along, I really encourage you to have a go at home with your own choice of objects. I hope that this series inspires you to experiment I look forward to my next attempt!

How to Set up a Still Life – Part 1

Sketching from Life – Part 2

Still Life Paint Along – Part 3

Still Life Paint Along – Part 4

Still Life Paint Along – Part 5