Finished Painting

This very unusual painting was a commission which I’m sure I won’t get to repeat in a hurry. Lots of challenges here from the other worldly lighting in the iceberg scene, to the small detail in the people in the foreground.

I released most of the painting in real time with Part 3 including colour codes and narration to give you more information about painting ice.

Then I released some in depth parts about the clothing. That’s something I do often have to paint which is useful for you to learn about. People who are smaller within a painting. This series will show you how to create small figures packed full of detail and capture a likeness from afar.

Iceberg Tutorial – Part 1

Iceberg Tutorial – Part 2

Iceberg Tutorial – Part 3

Iceberg Tutorial – Part 4

Clothing Tutorial – Part 5

Clothing Tutorial – Part 6

Faces Tutorial – Part 7

Timelapse Video