Finished Painting

The Finished Painting ‘Woodland Sorrel’ 15″ x 14″ on Pastelmat

This tutorial marks the beginning of landscape experiments for me. I want to broaden my use of pastel and hone my own skills for different styles of mark making. I’d like to share this process with you. I’ll experiment on different papers and try to break old habits to unlock some new techniques.

I took this photo reference in Gosford Park Northern Ireland and I’ve been meaning to paint it for ages. My approach in this painting was different to how I normally work and I tried to blend less and keep my marks quite loose.

This is a good tutorial if you’re looking to explore your pastel sticks further and use less detail to capture something that looks complex.

All three parts are colour coded and I chatted the whole way through so you have my guidance from beginning to end.

Woodland Sorrel Tutorial – Part 1

Woodland Sorrel Tutorial – Part 2

Woodland Sorrel Tutorial – Part 3

Timelapse Video