Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Velour (Light Yellow Colour) 19″ x 13″

This tutorial series shows you how to deal with light and shade to create glowing warmth in your painting. A full tutorial on how I created the shadows on the wooden floor, and a full tutorial on the sunlit chair. I’m always adding other elements to my paintings and want to show you that no matter what you are painting it’s all about the light and shade.

There are also now a final two parts showing you the dog with colour codes and narration. I’ll discuss the difficulties of painting a face and body on quite a small scale. It’s a balance between creating some small detail with the pastels, and knowing what details you can leave out.

Wooden Floor Tutorial – Part 1

Wooden Floor Tutorial – Part 2

Sunlit Chair Tutorial – Part 3

Dog Head Tutorial – Part 4

Dog Body Tutorial – Part 5

Timelapse Video