Finished Painting

The Finished Painting on Sienna colour Pastelmat 13″ x 11″

In this demo I take you right from the start of this beautifully sunlit portrait of my friend’s dog Nova. This piece is seen in ‘The Artist’ magazine and in my article there, I take you through the progress. Magazine release to be announced…
But in my video series I’ll show you every mark and talk you through the entire process so you can paint along with me.
My focus in this piece was to create that intense lighting and make use of complimentary colours. In this tutorial you can expect to learn how to create a very simple beach backdrop and the many different textures on Nova the dog.
The main photo reference is at the link below. But you can also access a photo pack of alternative shots that could be painted using the tutorial. Bonus photos download HERE

Nova Tutorial – Part 1

Nova Tutorial – Part 2

Nova Tutorial – Part 3

Nova Tutorial – Part 4

Timelapse Video