Finished Painting

Finished Painting on Pastelmat (Brown Colour) 12″ x 10″

This series takes you from beginning to end on a striking Puma cub. I provide you with the high resolution photograph to work from for the Puma as well as a photo pack of backgrounds that you can use to make it your own. You can download these extra background photos by clicking HERE
The Puma reference can be found below with the tutorial links.

This series totals almost 8 hours and is fully narrated. I take you from the first marks right through to the final whiskers with lots of guidance along the way.
It’s by no means easy, as in my opinion cats are hard to paint in any medium!
So let me take you step by step and make something difficult more attainable.

Puma Cub Tutorial – Part 1

Puma Cub Tutorial – Part 2

Puma Cub Tutorial – Part 3

Puma Cub Tutorial – Part 4

Puma Cub Tutorial – Part 5

Timelapse Video