I am finally able to post some of my Christmas work as I’m sure they’ve all been gifted by now.  This is Willow’s progress.  I enjoyed going more colourful on this one.  The photo reference was a little blurry as it was taken in low light but I loved what I could see and knew I could edit it to a better composition.


The finished painting of Willow. 18″x14″


The reference photo I used.  You can see it needed some
editing to create the composition I used.  I had to remove Bella
from the image and I used some other photo reference I took of
Willow to create the rest of him.


 My line drawing on the sandy coloured velour
I’m hoping to use some nice muted tones along with
some really vibrant spashes to capture the lovely
soft lighting coming in through the window.
 I loved the idea of the window sill and the dark
richness of the floor, chest and door.  I’ve also used
a large amount of violet purples to contrast all the yellow
in the reference photo.


Using larger areas of colour on the dog’s fur.
Blocking in these areas before adding smaller marks
on top.  But because the photo is so soft in detail I
am going to leave it as loose as possible.



 Working on down Willow’s body.  A lot of
the rich reds are reflected from the floor onto the
light colour of the dog, especially under the chin area.


 Continuing to add more textrure and depth to
the coat.


Willow in his frame.  This is probably my favourite
way to frame a pastel.  There is a double moulding with
the glass in between them creating the effect of
looking through a window I often think.