I’m enjoying painting stags at the moment after all my visits to the deer parks this year.  This guy is the second in a series I’ve started with very colourful backgrounds inspired by bokeh photographing.  I’m basing the backgrounds on some shots I took in a friend’s garden but it’s more the palette and general idea I’m getting from these shots and making it up mostly as I go to fit with the stag.  The stag was one of the eldest I photographed at Gosford Park, Northern Ireland.

Hope you enjoy his progress.  There will be a time lapse video soon of this one so check back.

The finished piece ‘Be Still My Hart’ 19″x19″
My outline is ready on the yellow velour.  I’ve also
laid out some of the colours I’ll be using in the
background just to get me started.  No doubt I’ll dip
into the trays and pull some more out but these are
the ones I notice first.
I’m working in the back of the motorhome which
is absolutely fine as there is lots of flat surface
area around for my gear.


Working the background keeping it loose.


I try to make sure that the colour in the background
is always complimenting the edge of the deer that it touches.
This way the deer really stands out.  You’ll see in the video later
that I go back around parts of the deer brightening or
darkening parts of the background to suit.
 I’m using all the same colours used in the
background for the stag.  No brown is used.
I lay down the black first and use the really
bright colours to build up a sense of the fur.




 All framed and ready to go!
Close up of his face.

Sorry for the somewhat rushed blog entry.  I will spend more time on him when I’m working on the video and hopefully you’ll get a much better look at this piece then.  I’m rushing off down to Clonmel with a van load of original paintings for a joint exhibition with a fellow pastel artist and friend David Sweet.  This stag has made it into his frame just in time to be included!