The finished painting 12″x16″ Pastel on velour
My initial line drawing transferred onto the yellow velour.  I find it easier to draw my sketch out elsewhere and transfer it allowing me to tweak at several stages.  Velour is impossible to rub out on so this means I can sketch the overall proportions until I’m happy enough to get it onto the velour and start pastelling.


Working on a people portrait palette at the moment for Unison Pastels.  These were some of my choices to bring on the road with me this week while working on this portrait.  The blues are mainly for the suit but a lot of the green blue and red is in the skintones. .


Background in ready for the face now


I start wth the darkest areas and with pastel it can be really contrasted to begin and then soften with the upper layers.


The first layer of undertones where I try to use strong and opposite tones to represent warm and cool areas.  The light yellow is still the velour showing as I’ve left the lighter and highlight areas which will come in the next layers.  I tried to use side lighting in the portrait to create some contrast.


Sometimes I find it helpful to see the tones by getting a little of the areas around the face in especially if it is the darkest area in the picture.  I’ve also added some of the midtone shade on the face.


Further smaller areas of colour and highlights added.  I’ve used a little pastel pencil for around the eyes.  I’m trying not to be too heavy handed with the pencil though, using it more to do a little blending here and there and neaten up previous marks I’ve made with the bigger soft pastels.


A good shard of Unison Grey27 which is a must colour for any palette.  I use this pastel a lot and have a wide variety of shards and pieces in different shapes and sizes.  It’s like having lots of different brushes loaded up with this colour ready to paint.


I’ve continued to tweak and adjust the tones with smaller marks.  I never know when to leave a face and call it finished.  I don’t want to overwork and my more recent portraits have been trying to go a bit more colourful.


Working on the clothing which will help with any last tweaks to the face tones.  A last minute change of plan resulted in those stripes I’ve drawn on the tie not being needed so I’m using a  really vibrant blue.


More detailing to the suit being added.