I went to meet and photograph Archie and Alec in their home.  The best of the images I took really showed their character as Archie is a little more laid back while Alec is forward and more inquisitive.  I loved both their expressions and decided to tie in some red in the background to tie in the glow of the cushion they were sitting on.  This colour was reflected in their coats which I liked.
Hope you enjoy their progress.
The finished painting, 12″x16″ pastel on velour


The two boys sketched out on the yellow shade of velour.
I started with a lot of depth in the background but over the course
of the painting I’ve toned it down as it was too overpowering.


Sitting in Ballintoy harbour working in the back of the motorhome.
My sunbathing sausage dog keeping a close eye 🙂


Archie being worked from the ears down.
I keep going back into the dark parts to strengthen them.





They were painted in a lot of locations.  I was on my stall at
Victoria Square this Sunday and worked on Alec.


Progress throughout the day on the stall.



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