A gorgeous couple of border terriers done as a special surprise gift.  I worked from the client’s photos (although I did drive them a bit insane directing the photo shoot from afar!)  They did well though and sent me a lovely picture of the two dogs at eye level on a chair with good lighting.  I decided to exclude the chair as it was quite dark and just kept the cushion they were sitting on.  Hope you enjoy the progress of Midge and Smudge.
The finished painting 16″x12″ pastel on velour
The photo reference.  I didn’t want to include the dark
chair and I also cropped the image slightly to lose the
bottom edge where Midge’s paws disappear.  These caused
me a bit of a problem as it made the cushion appear as if
it was floating.  I figured the best thing to do was crop!


My line drawing transferred onto the yellow velour.
Background is being kept very neutral and I’ll try
to add some tonal areas to help the dogs bright and
shadow sides contrast well.



Border terriers have lovely short hairs and an array
of different colours throughout their coat.  Using
the side of the Unison pastels and smaller shards
with points I can make most of the small hairs.
Sometimes I’ll go back through this type of fur with
a blender or pastel pencil just to tweak and refine.


A very small shard of pastel useful for the very
lightest top layer.


I like the how they were photographed together
as there is that lovely dark shadowed area between



On to Smudge…


Using some Pitt pencils for the smallest details
around the eyes.



I got sent this great photo of the recipients
unwrapping their gift.  Really makes it all
worthwhile to hear that it’s been so appreciated!