I’ve been looking forward to Coconut the cat and you can see why.  She is so regal and gorgeous in this picture.  I worked from a couple of photos to incorporate her very unusual tail.  Hope you enjoy the progress…
The finished painting, pastel on velour 18″x14″
My rough outline sketch transferred onto the velour and ready to paint.
There are still some tweaks around the chin area but I think most
of the proportions are good.
Love this dark surround of the wood which will really make
Coco stand out.
Starting on Coco and working the top edge here to get
the crisp contrast between her and the background.
Using mostly Unison soft pastels and making good
use of my 36 Animal selection in this piece!
To build up the tones of the white fur I’ve used from dark to light
Grey 8
You can see all these colours in the Animal set here
You can see the yellow of the paper makes a good
mid colour to work from for a white animal in
bright light.  It keeps their warmth and I only really
use Grey28 (white) as the brightest highlights stroked
over the fur.
Using BV9 on her shoulder in shadow.  I will tone it down
with the next layers but this blue really cools down
this area.
Lots of bits and pieces of pastel.  I’m often asked
about small detail with large sticks.  The large sticks
don’t remain intact for long with me.  I like when
they wear down into useful shapes but I will break
them if I need an edge.
Working the rest of the coat loosely making
sure to follow the flow of the flesh and muscle
I use some pastel pencils to give the impression of those
very fine flyaway hairs around the edges.
Picking out the whitest areas now for the highlights.
Most of the whiskers are done with a sharp shard
of Unison pastel.  I add some finer whiskers with
pastel pencil.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you found the progress interesting or useful…or both!