Bonnie the Dandie Dinmont was painted as a surprise Christmas present.  The photo reference was a little limited so I painted from a couple of shots using one for pose and another for better lighting.

Hope you enjoy her progress.  I was painting on location at Victoria Square market for part of it and didn’t stop to take as many progress shots as usual.  A photographer friend managed to snap me in action though!


The finished painting of Bonnie, pastel on velour 12’x12″
Because this was my last commission of the year and rather last
minute this is only a photo of it.  I normally scan my work, but
wasn’t able to before this needed to be posted.


One of the photos I worked from.  Bonnie is on the right and it’s
this shot I used for the pose.  The flash of the camera has cast them
in strange lighting so I’m using another photo of Bonnie outdoors
for the colouring.


You always get a better sense of the colour of the
dog with outdoor photographs.  I’m also using
the green grass background to set her off.


It was very cold this day so I’m well wrapped up…fingerless gloves are useful!



The grass around her and a slight shadow give her
some weight in the picture.  I have heard that the picture
will be much treasured as a remembrance to Bonnie.
Glad I could produce something special of her 🙂