This is a piece I worked on last summer.  I was working on a series using water reflections and decided to do a time lapse video of this piece.  I also took some progress photos as I worked which you can see here but I’ve posted the video at the end where you can watch the whole piece build up.

My thanks to the photographer Stuart Wright for allowing me to paint his beautiful photograph.

The finished painting ‘Water’s Edge’ pastel on velour 14″x18″
My rough sketch onto the grey velour.  In the reference photo
there was a little less of the reflection so I’m adding a little
as it’s going to be quite loose down there anyway.


Background areas worked.  Love the lush greens in the
pond side plants but leaving everything a bit blurry
so the sharpness of the fox will stand out.


Working my way down the coat of the fox working from dark
to light.


This is mostly Unisons I’m using but tiny shards as well as the big
full sticks.  You’ll see in the video below what I use.


I like the side profile view of the fox especially.  I love their
long noses, like the hound family of dogs.  Such pointed features
they are so graceful.


That’s most of the upper part of the painting done.  I can simply
use the same palette now for the reflections.


Hope you like the piece,  I love painting foxes.  Have a look at the video here for a more complete build up of the piece…