This was a commission which I worked from the wedding photographer’s beautiful photo.  The composition was already there, I may have cropped it a little.

The light in the scene is what I wanted to really capture.  It was also my first attempt at a window frame setting.  I’ve used this idea so many times since as I love that contrasted light.
The finished portrait 14″x18″ pastel on velour
After I got my sketch onto the velour I’ve
worked the background first so my subjects
will be on top of that.
The warmth of her skin really stands out against
all the blue green and greys.  Pastels are so
good for fabric.  Especially when used on the velour
paper I work on.  You can create a thin layer
of pastel just like a veil by applying different
amounts of pressure.
You can see in this progress shot some
of the undertones I’ve laid down before
beginning to highlight and define his
features.  As soon as the highlights start
being added the form takes shape.
Some detail added to his face now and ready
to darken that right side of the painting to
create the contrast of the window lighting.
Almost there now.  Using cool blues to
highlight the dark suit.  The detail in the
hands was very tricky.  I use pastel pencils
and a paper stump tool to shape the pastel on
the paper and clean up lines.