Emma specialises in pastel painting. Her work has a realistic sometimes photographic appearance, yet a softness and vibrance only achievable in pastel. Dividing her time between portrait commissions and her own series of wildlife and landscape, Emma enjoys spending most of her time creating.

Paintings can be commissioned directly from Emma.  Portraits are available of pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and whatever else you might have!  You can also commission a people portrait of a loved one including children, wedding or individual.  For more information on commissioning a painting have a look in pricing where you will find full details of how to book your place.

Emma’s art can be seen in galleries throughout her home country Northern Ireland, although she regularly exhibits throughout the UK and beyond. Emma paints what she loves, including a series of wildlife, local landscapes and some figurative work. Spending many hours in nature observing and photographing the wildlife she paints is important. It is this connection that has inspired all her recent work. Have a browse in the portfolio section for many of Emma’s paintings, some of which are currently available to purchase.

Although trained as an illustrator, Emma now works mainly in fine art, preferring the freedom of creating one off pieces. However, she has illustrated a number of books and is always open to hearing new ideas. You can see a sample of Emma’s illustration projects in the Portfolio.

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